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    *ANother Secret* Sale for doll's heads

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    Product Information
    Skin color : Normal skin
    Girth of Head:16cm
    Height : 25.5cm
    Girth of Neck :6.3cm
    Girth of Chest :13.5cm
    Girth of Waist :12cm
    Girth of hip:14.5cm
    The length of feet : 4cm
    Eyes: 14mm

    order period from July 21th,2012 to Aug 15th,2012

    MiKoko with Pluto female body and a pair of glass eyes
    Image and color of items can be different due to circumstance of monitor.
    Once we receive your order,generally,it takes 45-60 business days after confirming payment.
    ●If you have any questions, please contact us by Email.(don`t PM or reply.)
    Trading transactions with paypal. (please E-mail us in the following form,), we promise to make a reservation in chronological order.

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