• *ANother Secret* Sale for doll's heads

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    ●Acheron● fits 65-70cm size  boy body well(SD13boy/SD17boy). The girth of neck is around 10cm-11cm.
    Now it's very hard to ship any package with magnet inside by plane from China Customs. So we will not put magnet in head(we still leave the place for magnet installing). We add a hook in cranium. And we will give rubber band as a present to fix the cranium.
    Thank you very much for attention.

    Girth of Head:23cm
    Girth of neck:10cm-11cm
    Eyes: 14-16mm(low arc or small iris)
    Make-up: 65USD
    Doll master: Mr. Sunday

    Order will be closed at 24.00pm Apr 10th, 2014.(Chinese time)

    ●1-All dolls sold include the head and a pair of glass eyes. Wig and outfit on the photo are not included.
    ●2-For make-up: The make-up of Acheron in photo was drew by Mr Sunday.

    ●4-The skin color can be chosen(White/Normal).The skin colors are the same as Volks.
    skin color compare:

    ●5-If you have any questions, please contact us by Email.(don't PM or reply.)
    ●6-Trading transactions with paypal. Please E-mail us in the following form.(113204355@qq.com) And we promise to make a reservation in chronological order.

    Doll's name:
    The skin color:(White/Normal)
    Consignee detailed address:
    Phone number:
    Note:(If you have any requests)

    *When we receive orders, we will account the ship fee, and send the confirmation message to you. After your payment we would ship the parcel to you in 45-60 business days.