ANother Secret★“KOUYOU” head
Quantity: 10 on stock (no preorder)
Doll master: Mr.Saturday

Girth of Head:24cm
Eyes: 12-14mm

●1-All dolls sold only to the head. Wig, eyes & outfit on the photo are not included.
●2-For make-up: default as photo. Plastic masks which are use to protect dolls' faces & eyelashes are included.
●3-All dolls are normal skin color.1 / 3 size. We improve our resin materials to UV protect this time.
●4- If you have any questions, please contact us by Email.(don`t PM or reply.)
●5-Trading transactions with paypal. (please E-mail us in the following form,), we promise to make a reservation in chronological order.
Doll's name:KOUYOU
Consignee detailed address:
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Note:(If you have any requests)
*When we receive orders, we will account the ship fee, and send the confirmation message to you. After your payment we would ship the parcel to you in 20-25 business days.