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    Hello everybody!

    Nearly all the heads have been shipped last week, except the heads which order face-up-option.  The heads with face-up will be shipped next week.

    And you can find the shipping informations in the webside below, it should be update in realtime.


    Thank you very much!



    Hello everybody!

    All heads have be completed, and they are being packaged one by one. We are sorry to reply all the emails late. Because we are all very busy in these weeks. Our studio will make a move next Monday. And we also have an exposition to attende on April 17th. So all the heads will be shipped by order sequence after one week. We will send the shipping NO. in order sequence by email. Please don't worry.

    Thank you very much!


    Alice heads in stock are sold out now, and the order is closed
    Rabbit heads' pre-order quotas are 4 left. And Rabbit's order will be closed soon.
    Hat's order will continuing to Saturday noon.
    All the old heads will not be available to sale in future.
    Because of the order total quantities, we decide to close the order of all heads (include Alice/Rabbit/Hat) at 11.00 am on March 19th. And the customers who have already placed order, please complete the payment before 23.00 pm on March 20th, or the order will be canceled. If customers who have special reason to delay the payment, please inform us.
    Mr.Rabbit and Mr. Hat heads have a few in stock, and will be shipped before March 25th. The shipping sequence will depend on the payment's sequence. All the pre-order heads will be shipped around April 15th. Alice heads are all in stock now, so they will be shipped before March 25th. The customers who order make-up-option will wait one weeks more. Please don't worry.
    If we have any news, we will update in thread and blog. Please pay attention to us. Thank you very much!

    Hello everybody!
    There are no cancle orders of our heads. The orders had added too many at the same time before closed, so the total number of Mr.Rabbit exceeded expected. We are sorry.
    The certificate cards have the head's number this time.
    Presently, all the heads in stock have been shipped successively. Meanwhile, the pre-order heads are in the production stage, and they will be completed around April 15th-20th. Then, all the pre-order heads will be shipped successively. The customers who order make-up-option will wait one week more. Please don't worry.
    Because of the ship risk, we usually prepare 1-2 heads more. We will announce the heads left when we finish shipping all pre-order heads.
    Thank you vey much for your concern.
    Hat's order was closed last night.
    If some orders are canceled by March 20th, we will open the cancel heads to sale.
    Please check your order if you still want, and then pay it to our paypal.
    Please pay the order before tonight, or the order will be canceled.

    Rabbit's order is closed.
    If some orders are canceled by March 20th, we will open the cancel heads to sale.


    We improve our resin materials to UV protect this time.The skin color can not be customized.
    Because of the changes of exchange rate and the inflation of raw material prices, we raise prices abit this time.

    Mr Rabbit
    from March 14th to April 30th
    Girth of Head:22cm
    Eyes: 12-14mm
    Mr Hatfrom March 14th to April 30th
    Girth of Head:24cm
    Eyes: 16mm

    (The order will be closed when the certain amounts of reservation add up to a quantity for a particular purpose.)
    1-All dolls sold only to the head. Wig, eyes & outfit on the photo are not included.
    2-For make-up: default as photo. Plastic masks which are use to protect dolls' faces & eyelashes are included.
    3-All dolls are normal skin color.1 / 3 size.
    4- If you have any questions, please contact us by Email.(don`t PM or reply.)
    5-Trading transactions with paypal. (please E-mail us in the following form,), we promise to make a reservation in chronological order.
    Doll's name
    Consignee detailed address
    Phone number:
    Note:If you have any requests
    *When we receive orders, we will account the ship fee, and send the confirmation message to you. After your payment we would ship the parcel to you in 10-15 business days.