• Mr. Saturday's Aoha and Momijii

    Aoha Size:1/3 boy

    Momiji Size:1/3 girl

  • some old pictures - [DOLLs creation]





    Chrysanthemum 1st

    Production Date: 2008/09



    for 1/4size body

    Production Date:2010/03



    Production Date:2010/05


    Contact us: anothersecret7@gmail.com

    Hello everybody!

    Presently, all the heads of pre-order are in the production stage, and they will be completed around November 15th.Then, all the pre-order heads will be shipped successively.  The customers who order make-up-option will wait 1-2weeks more. Please don't worry.

    The stock heads (Orchid=4, Bamboo=4, "SUNDAY"song=2) will be shipped after October 20th successively.

    Thank you very much!


    The pre-order total quantities are much more than we suppose, for the quality and speed, we decide to close the pre-order. The customer who have already placed an order before, please complete the order as soon as possible. If we have any news, we will update in thread and blog. Please pay attention to us. Thank you very much!


    Hello everybody, we released some original dolls before,which became quite popular.

    Now we decided to make a few sales here and hope that everyone likes.

    We make these dolls in small orders for love. If they have drawback, give us your advice kindly. Perfectionist purchase them cautionsly, please.


    1-All dolls sold only to the head. Wig, eyes & outfit on the photo are not included.

    2-For make-up: default as photo. Plastic masks which are use to protect dolls' faces(not Orchid's face mask) & eyelashes are included.



    3-All dolls are normal skin color.1 / 3 size, for SD10/SD13girl,Also can be  used with other body.

    4- If you have any questions, please contact us by Email.(don`t PM or reply.)


    5-Trading transactions with paypal. (please E-mail us in the following form,), we promise to make a reservation in chronological order.


    VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: 2010/10/05
    The order will be closed when the certain amounts of reservation add up to a quantity for a particular purpose. And the old heads will not be available to sale in future.



    "SUNDAY"Song &Orchid were sold out ..
    If you still want to order , we could make the new head,but it takes about one month.
    And we will give you the confirmation message if you accept.
    "Sunday song" &Orchid  Preorder.

     Please E-mail us in the following form
    Doll's name:Quantity:
    Consignee detailed address:
    Phone number:
    Note:(If you have any requests)

    *When we receive orders, we will account the ship fee, and send the confirmation message to you. After your payment we would ship the parcel to you in 30 business days.




    Girth of Head:23cm


    Quantitysold out






    Girth of Head:23cm


    QuantitySold out






    Girth of Head :21cm


    Quantity:sold out