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    Hello everyone~
    All heads have finished. We will ship all heads before next weekend, except the heads which order face-up-option. The heads with face-up will be shipped around the end of DEC.
    We will send the ship information after shipping.
    Thank you very much!

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    We will close the order in Oct 23th.Thanks
    *ANother Secret* Sale for doll's heads
    Contact us(Oreder E-mail): anothersecret7@gmail.com
    NEW website:http://anothersecret7.com/

    The Lenged of White Snake and Green Snake. We are fall in love with this story. And then we use this story as background to make the new heads.
    White Snake named Banse and Green Snake is Kinglan.

    ●We improve our resin materials to UV protect this time.The skin color can not be customized.
    ●Unfortunately, the exchange of US$ to RMB is under 6.3 now and still falling. Because of the rapid decline of exchange rate and the inflation of raw material prices, we have to raise prices the last time. But every sold head includes a pair of beautiful glass eyes. We are sorry. Hope you can understand us.


    Kinglan&Banse:A total of 60 Limited.

    (The default volume is average distribution. If one head > 30, then another will reduce the number of the corresponding.)

    Girth of Head:23cm
    Eyes: 14-16mm

    Girth of Head:23cm
    Eyes: 14-16mm

    (The order will be closed when the certain amounts of reservation add up to a quantity for a particular purpose.)
    ●1-All dolls sold include the head and a pair of glass eyes. Wig and outfit on the photo are not included.
    ●2-For make-up: default as photo. Plastic masks which are use to protect dolls' faces & eyelashes are included.
    ●3-All dolls are normal skin color(similar to Volks normal skin).1 / 3 size.
    ●4- If you have any questions, please contact us by Email.(don`t PM or reply.)
    ●5-Trading transactions with paypal. (please E-mail us in the following form,), we promise to make a reservation in chronological order.
    Doll's name:
    Consignee detailed address:
    Phone number:
    Note:(If you have any requests)
    *When we receive orders, we will account the ship fee, and send the confirmation message to you. After your payment we would ship the parcel to you in 30-40 business days.

    blank heads

    blank heads:
    left: Kinglan
    right: Banse